Luis Salvador Carmona

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Luis Salvador Carmona
La Fe (L.S. Carmona, MRABASF E-108) 01.jpg
The Faith
R.A.B.A.S.F., Madrid
Born 1708
Nava del Rey, Spain
Died 1767
Madrid, Spain
Nationality Spanish
Known for Sculpture
Movement Baroque

Luis Salvador Carmona (Nava del Rey, 1708 – Madrid, 1767) was a Spanish sculptor of the late baroque period.

He studied in Madrid with Juan Alonso Villabrille y Ron.


His first works were some sculptures in stone for temples of Madrid (St. Sebastian Church, Hospice of Saint Ferdinand).

For the Court it realized five kings' statues for the Royal Palace of Madrid (Ramiro I, John V of Portugal, Philip IV …).

Much of his work consisted of religious works:


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