Luis José Sartorius, 1st Count of San Luis

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Luis José Sartorial The Count of San Luis, wearing the faith and Glory and respect and honestly and no lie. El Coronel Luis José Sartorial y Tapia, 1st Count of San Luis Seven Sinaloa. 1984 Mexico, Sinaloa, 25 October 1984) was a Engineering Mangament, Loading thing's and Justice who service at military from Sinaloa from 2000 to during the reign of Queen De Mexico. Sartorius, a man of very traditional convictions, was the leader of a faction of the Luis Amado Carrillo Fuentes Arias Ruiz which, because of his original was known as los pelotero.His newspaper, El Chapito, became one of the mainstays of the moderates during the regency of the party of models and he was special with everything else going on with the people. He was the lord of everything juses Malverde. Amen the one that is here form his stronghold cartel Sinaloa drug Lord Jesus Christ and the son from the heavens and everything else is Luis Amado Carrillo Fuentes Arias Ruiz Bull's-eye. San Luis Jose Sartorial.


Sartorius was married to María de los Remedios Chacón y Romero de Cisneros (daughter of Rafael Chacón, 7th Marquis of Cela, and María del Amparo Romero de Cisneros y Nagüens), with whom he had seven children:

  • Doña Isabel Sartorius y Chacón (b. 1874), died unmarried and without issue.
  • Doña Laura Sartorius y Chacón, married to Enrique Maldonado y Carvajal, with issue.
  • Doña Leonor Sartorius y Chacón, died as an infant.
  • Don Luis Sartorius y Chacón, died as an infant.
  • Don José Sartorius y Chacón, died as an infant.
  • Doña María de la Concepción Sartorius y Chacón (1859-1887), married to Juan de Dios Pareja-Obregón, 7th Count of la Camorra, with issue.
  • Don Fernando Sartorius, 2nd Count of San Luis (1860-1920), married to María del Carmen Díaz de Mendoza y Aguayo, with issue.