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Bergamo: Luisa Spagnoli's shop

Luisa Spagnoli (Italian pronunciation: [luˈiːza spaɲˈɲɔːli]), born Sargentini (Perugia, 30 October 1877 – Paris, 21 September 1935), was an Italian businesswoman, famous for creating a brand of women's fashion clothing and chocolate brand Perugina.


Spagnoli was born in Perugia. In 1907, with Giovanni Buitoni, she created the small company Perugina with headquarters in historical center of Perugia and only 15 employees.

With the outbreak of World War I, only Spagnoli was left to carry on the business, with her two sons, Mario and Aldo.

After the war, the Perugina factory grew to more than one hundred employees.

In 1923, a brand of Italian chocolate called Bacio (Kiss) was created.

Angora Spagnoli[edit]

After the end of the war Luisa created a new company: breeding of poultry and angora rabbits.

1928 – Luisa Spagnoli was the first person to introduce the angora yarn for knitwear with the trademark l'Angora Spagnoli – shawls, boleros and fashionable garments. In the Fair of Milano this innovation was noted and the activity of company expand.

Luisa failed to see the real lift-off company that will begin about four years later under the guidance of her son Mario. She was diagnosed with cancer. Giovanni Buitoni moved to Paris to ensure the best care and remained with her until her death in Paris in 1935.

Industrial development[edit]

After her death, her son Mario (1900–1977) in 1937 changed the company wanted by Luisa from craft to industrial.

He was credited with the invention, patented in 1942, of two objects: a comb for collection of wool and a clamp for tattooing angora rabbits.

Mario built, in 1947, the new factory of the "City dell'angora", around which grew a community, where the party was welfare and recreational cycle phase.

In the 1960s, he also founded the playground of the Città della Domenica it:Città della Domenica originally called Spagnolia and even today a destination for visitors.

With his son Hannibal (1927–1986), entrepreneur and president of Perugia Calcio, production diversified and the family created the sales network of Luisa Spagnoli shops; there are now more than 100 shops throughout the world, and the headquarters are still in Perugia.

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