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Luise Mühlbach.

Luise Mühlbach was the pen name of Clara Mundt (1814 in Neubrandenburg – 1873), a German writer best known for her works of historical fiction which enjoyed a wide popularity that was short-lived. Frederick the Great and His Court (German: Friedrich der Grosse und sein Hof) and many of her other novels have been translated into English.


Her historical fiction includes:

  • Andreas Hofer
  • Berlin and Sans-Souci; or Frederick the Great and his friends
  • A Conspiracy of the Carbonari
  • The Daughter of an Empress
  • Empress Josephine
  • Frederick the Great and His Court
  • Frederick the Great and His Family
  • Goethe & Schiller, (English edition, 1902, P.F. Collier & Son)
  • Henry VIII and His Court
  • Joseph II and His Court
  • Louisa of Prussia and Her Times
  • Marie Antoinette and Her Son
  • The Merchant of Berlin An Historical Novel
  • Mohammed Ali and His House
  • Napoleon and Blücher; or Napoleon in Germany
  • Napoleon and the Queen of Prussia
  • Old Fritz and the New Era
  • Prince Eugene and His Times
  • Queen Hortense: A Life Picture of the Napoleonic Era
  • The Reign of the Great Elector
  • The Youth of the Great Elector
  • Franz Rákóczy


She was married to the critic and novelist Theodor Mundt.



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