Luitemaa Nature Reserve

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Luitemaa Nature Reserve
Gladiolus imbricatus1000.jpg
Gladiolus imbricatus can be found in Luitemaa.
Map showing the location of Luitemaa Nature Reserve
Map showing the location of Luitemaa Nature Reserve
Nearest cityPärnu
Coordinates58°10′27″N 24°30′33″E / 58.17417°N 24.50917°E / 58.17417; 24.50917Coordinates: 58°10′27″N 24°30′33″E / 58.17417°N 24.50917°E / 58.17417; 24.50917
Official nameLuitemaa
Designated27 January 2010
Reference no.1962[1]

Luitemaa Nature Reserve is a nature reserve situated in south-western Estonia, in Pärnu County.


Luitemaa Nature Reserve is situated by the coast and displays a variety of nature types, like coastal meadows rich in bird-life, post-glacial sand dunes covered in pine forest, and large bogs. Among the plants and animals found in the reserve, Gladiolus imbricatus and the Natterjack Toad can be mentioned. There are facilities for visitors such as a bird tower and nature trail in the reserve.[2][3]


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