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Luitinghsijthoff 533c.jpg
Parent companyNDC VBK de uitgevers
Founded1851 (Sijthoff), 1947 (Luitingh)
1989 (merged)
FounderAlbertus Willem Sijthoff
Country of origin Netherlands
Headquarters locationAmsterdam
DistributionDutch language market
ImprintsLuitingh, Sijthoff, Poema Pocket, Luitingh Fantasy, Uitgeverij Luitingh, Mouria

Luitingh-Sijthoff is a publishing company based in the Netherlands that releases fiction and nonfiction books for the Dutch language market. It is a subsidiary of Dutch conglomerate NDC VBK de uitgevers.[1]


Sijthoff 1852
Sijthoff 1908
Sijthoff printing offices in Leiden built in 1852 (top) and 1908 (bottom).

The A.W. Sijthoff company was founded by Albertus Willem Sijthoff in Leiden in 1851 and Luitingh was established in 1947.[2] Sijthoff, who rose to prominence in the trade of translated books, was opposed to a petition for the Netherlands to become a signatory to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works in 1899 because he felt that the international copyright restrictions would stifle the country's publishing industry.[3] The Sijthoff office was attacked by car bomb after the Haagsche Courant, owned at the time by the Sijthoff family, printed a negative article about business activities in the 1980s by a collection agency owned by Dutch criminal Eef Hoos.[4]

In 1989, the A.W. Sijthoff and Luitingh publishing companies merged to form Luitingh-Sijthoff,[2] which is headquartered in Amsterdam.[5]


The books in Luitingh-Sijthoff's catalogue are published under a number of specialized imprints, including Luitingh, Luitingh Fantasy, Mouria, Poema-Pocket, Sijthoff, and Uitgeverij L.[2]

Luitingh publishes Dutch versions of popular English language novels by writers such as Dan Brown, Michael Crichton, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Robert Ludlum and Thomas Harris.[2]

Since its establishment in 1992, the Luitingh Fantasy imprint has become the Netherlands' largest publisher of speculative fiction and fantasy from authors such as Raymond E. Feist, Terry Goodkind, Bernhard Hennen, Robin Hobb, Robert Jordan and George R.R. Martin.[2]

Poema-Pocket is a publisher of mass market paperbacks by popular fiction authors such as Patricia Cornwell, Jill Mansell and Danielle Steel.[2]

Sitjhoff publishes thrillers and nonfiction books for casual readers, including De zaak Natalee Holloway (The Case of Natalee Holloway) by Joran van der Sloot.[6]

Since 2005, Uitgeverij L (Publishing House L) publishes cartoon collections and graphic novels and by comic book authors such as Christophe Arleston and Martin Lodewijk as well as manga artists such as Osamu Tezuka.[2]



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