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Luiz Alfredo Garcia Roza (born 1936 in Rio de Janeiro) is a retired Brazilian professor and current novelist. As an academic he wrote philosophy and psychology textbooks. After retiring from academia he became known as a novelist and shared the Prêmio Jabuti for Literature in 1997. He is known for his Detective fiction, in particular his Inspector Espinosa Mystery series. He had little knowledge of crime or police-work before he began writing.[1] Some of his works have been translated into English.[2]

Works in English[edit]

Inspector Espinosa mysteries

  • The Silence of the Rain (2003) ISBN 0312421184 [Original: O silêncio da chuva, 1996]
  • December Heat (2004) ISBN 978-0312423438 [Original: Achados e perdidos, 1998]
  • Southwesterly Wind (2004) ISBN 978-0312424541 [Original: Vento sudoeste, 1999]
  • A Window in Copacabana (2006) ISBN 978-0312425661 [Original: Uma Janela em Copacabana, 2001]
  • Pursuit (2006) ISBN 978-0805074390 [Original: Perseguido, 2003]
  • Blackout (2009) ISBN 978-0312428860 [Original: Espinosa Sem Saida, 2006]
  • Alone in the Crowd (2010) ISBN 978-0312429881 [Original: Na Multidão, 2007]

Other books in Series[edit]

Inspector Espinosa mysteries