Luiz Carlos Alborghetti

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Luiz Carlos Alborghetti
Member of the Chamber of Deputies from Paraná
In office
Personal details
Born (1945-02-12)February 12, 1945
Andradina, Brazil
Died December 9, 2009(2009-12-09) (aged 64)
Curitiba, Brazil
Political party MDB, PMDB, PRN, PTB, PFL, Democrats
Spouse(s) Maria Auxiliadora Alborghetti
Children 4
Profession police reporter, radio host, politician
Religion catholic

Luiz Carlos Alborghetti (February 12, 1945 — December 9, 2009) was an Italian-Brazilian radio commenter, showman and political figure. He was a Conservative voice on the radio. Among his program casting characteristics, he was notable for some peculiar details: reading glasses, a pen in-between the fingers of his right hand, a facial towel hanging on his shoulders and (mainly) his acid, challenging speeches (regularly full of obscene words and gestures) and a solid wood club which he ostensively used to smack on anything near him (mostly his table) when angered. After several months off-work for health treatment, Alborghetti died of lung cancer.[1]

Alborghetti was a Paraná state deputy from 1986 to 2002.[2]


Alborghetti was made famous for his strong, acid quotes heavily filled with obscene language. Here are some examples, written first in Portuguese (in bold) and their respective translations in English (in italics):

  • "Bandido bom é bandido morto!" ("A good criminal is a dead one!");
  • "Bandido é bandido!" ("A criminal is a criminal!");
  • "Não precisamos construir mais cadeias! Temos de construir mais cemitérios!" ("We don't need to build more prisons! We must build more cemeteries!");
  • "Neste asfalto negro de violência, as drogas transformam seu filho num cadáver ambulante e sua filha numa prostituta mercantilista!" ("On this dark asphalt of violence, drugs turn your son into a walking corpse and your daughter into a merchantilistic prostitute!");
  • "Cadeia nele, já!" ("Jail for him, now!");
  • "Tá com pena dele? Leva para tua casa! Põe para dormir na tua cama!" ("Are you pitiful for him? Take him home with you! Put him to sleep on your bed!") - quote directed to Human Rights activists who supposedly defend criminals;
  • "Existem histórias da noite que o dia desconhece!" ("There are night stories which daylight doesn't know!")
  • "Ei! Ei! EI! Desgraça de televisão do Satanás!" ("Hey! Hey! HEY! Disgraced Satan television!") - when he's told of a technical failure in the studio;
  • "Esse aí tá mais quebrado que arroz de terceira!" ("This guy is more shattered than third-rate rice!") - when police captures a criminal lynched by populars;
  • "Chupa aqui, idiota! Faz um boquete aqui na minha cara!" ("Suck it here, stupid! Fellatio it here in my face!") - telling his cameramen to zoom in his face;
  • "As crianças caem no mundo das drogas enquanto suas mães choram lágrimas de sangue!" ("Kids fall into a world of drugs while their mothers cry blood tears!");
  • "Vamos tirar a máscara e lavar a cara!" ("Let's take off our masks and wash our faces!") - quote against hypocrisy and tendency;
  • "Com um único botijão de gás dá pra você matar cerca de 500 bandidos por dia em São Paulo!" ("With a single propane gas bottle, you can kill around 500 criminals per day in São Paulo!");
  • "Um beijo na sua alma!" ("A kiss in your soul!");
  • "Eu nunca fui desmamado com garapa! Minha mãe sempre me deu leite do "bão"!" ("I've never been under-breastfed with garapa! My mother always fed me with good milk!");
  • "Não devo nada a nenhum viado ou filho-da-puta neste Estado ou País!" ("I owe nothing for any cocksucker or son-of-a-bitch in this State or Country!");
  • "Existem 3 coisas que você só faz uma vez na vida: nascer, morrer e votar no PT!" ("There are 3 things you do only once in life: to born, to die and to vote on PT!");
  • "Ele tá agora sentado no colo do Capeta!" ("He's now seated on the Devil's lap!") - quote directed to any criminal killed by police;
  • "Se você gostou, gostou! Se não gostou, foda-se!" ("If you liked it, like it! If you disliked it, fuck it!");
  • "A Polícia Comunista... Comunista! A Polícia Vermelha! Senta aqui, bando de canalhas!" ("The Communistic Police... Communistic! The Red Police! Sit down here, you bunch of scoundrels!") - he says this while gesturing with his erected middle finger;
  • "Eu prefiro uma verdade que me faça chorar em vez de uma mentira que me faça rir!" ("I'd prefer a truth that will make me cry instead of a lie that will make me laugh!")


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