Lujendra Ojha

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Lujendra Ojha
लुजेन्द्र ओझा
Other namesLuju
EducationPh.D. (2016)
B.Sc., University of Arizona, 2012
Alma materGeorgia Institute of Technology
Scientific career
FieldsPlanetary science with volcanology minor

Lujendra Ojha (b. 1990 Nepali: लुजेन्द्र ओझा) is a Nepalese-American[1] planetary scientist who, as an undergraduate under the direction of planetary geologist Alfred McEwen, discovered in the 2010s compelling evidence that water on Mars includes current, seasonal, surface liquid brine flows.[2][3] He is enrolled in a graduate program in planetary science at Georgia Institute of Technology.[4][5] He has also played in a heavy metal band, Gorkha.[5][6][7]


Awards and honors:[8]

  • Special Recognition — Office of the Governor. Douglas A. Ducey (Governor, AZ)
  • National Science Foundation (2015) — Research Excellence Award
  • Lunar and Planetary Institute (2013) — Team-X Merit Award
  • University of Arizona (2012) — First Place in Physical Science Research. Annual Student Showcase.
  • University of Arizona (2011) — Honorary Presidents Award
  • Group Achievement Award: HiRISE Science Team, NASA (2011)


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