Lujo Bezeredi

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Gravestone of Lujo Bezeredy and his wife Marija at Čakovec cemetery, Croatia

Lujo Bezeredi (Bezeredy) (1898 – April 20, 1979) was a Croatian-Hungarian sculptor and painter.

He was born in Nova, Hungary, but after the death of his parents he moved to Čakovec, Croatia, where he completed his schooling at the public school and teacher's training school. He later studied at the College of Education in Budapest and enrolled the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1922. Between 1936 and 1941 he lived in Belgrade. As a material for sculptures he mostly used terra cotta, with engobe being his favourite pottery technique along with less frequently used faience and glazing techniques. His work is characterized by social motifs from urban and rural life. In 1942 he returned to Čakovec, where he lived until his death. Bezeredi donated his entire collection of 485 various works of art to the Međimurje County Museum in Čakovec. He is buried at the city cemetery in Čakovec.

The Returner, a sculpture of Bezeredy in a park in Čakovec