Luk Keng (North District)

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The northern end of Luk Keng, by Luk Keng Road.
Wong Chun Yu Ancestral Hall, in Luk Keng Wong Uk.
Pillbox in Luk Keng.

Luk Keng (Chinese: 鹿頸; lit. 'deer's neck') is an area in the North District of Hong Kong.


Luk Keng is one of the villages represented within the Sha Tau Kok District Rural Committee. For electoral purposes, Luk Keng is part of the Sha Ta constituency, which is currently represented by Ko Wai-kei.[1][2]


Luk Keng is located in the northeastern part of the New Territories, to the south west of Sha Tau Kok, east of Nam Chung and to the south of the Starling Inlet (Sha Tau Kok Hoi).


Luk Keng contains several villages, including:


Luk Keng is the site of a World War II network of defense, comprising a trench system and 14 pillboxes, built during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong. The network is located on a 120 m hill overlooking Starling Inlet.[3][4][5] The Luk Keng Pillboxes and Observation Posts have been listed as Grade II historic buildings.[6]


The closest station to Luk Keng on the MTR is Fanling station. Green minibus No. 56K runs to the Luk Keng terminus.


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