Luk Keng Village

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A guidepost showing Luk Keng Village direction
A house in Luk Keng Village
Luk Keng Pier

Luk Keng Village or Luk Keng Tsuen (Chinese: 鹿頸村) is a village located on the Yam O peninsula on Lantau Island in the New Territories of Hong Kong, which links to Cheung Sok, a nearby uninhabited island, via a sandbank. From the Luk Keng Pier there a kai-to transportation service to Tsing Lung Tau in Tsuen Wan. Although nearby areas including Sunny Bay Station have been developed, Luk Keng Village is still preserved as an undeveloped rural heritage area.[1]

In December 2007, archaeologists found a number of Tang dynasty (618–907) kilns in Luk Keng Village, although some of these had been destroyed by the construction of a barbecue area by the Hong Kong SAR Government.[citation needed]



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Coordinates: 22°19′55″N 114°01′24″E / 22.33201°N 114.02347°E / 22.33201; 114.02347