Luka Rijeka

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Luka Rijeka d.d.
Traded as ZSELKRI
Industry Transport
Founded 2000 (in present form)
Headquarters Rijeka, Croatia
Key people
Denis Vukorepa (CEO)
Decrease 32,000 kuna
Number of employees
935 (2010)

Luka Rijeka is a Croatian port operating company which operates port facilities at the largest Croatian Port of Rijeka. In 2010, Luka Rijeka d.d., a concessionaire of the Port of Rijeka reported net profit of 32,000 kuna (4,300 euro), a sharp decline from 3.5 million kuna (0.47 million euro) net profit of 2009. Total income in 2010 reached 210.4 million kuna (28.4 million euro), down from 228.9 million kuna (30.9 million euro) in 2009. In 2010, the company had 935 employees. Share capital of the company is 598 million kuna (80.8 million euro), and it is listed at the Zagreb Stock Exchange.[1] Since 2002, chairman of the board of the company is Denis Vukorepa. The appointment is limited to a five-year term, and in May 2011, appointment of Denis Vukorepa was extended for the second time.[2] Luka Rijeka d.d. is owned by the state (72.7%), Croatian Healthcare Fund (8.1%) and other stockholders, none of which owns more than 5% of the company stock.[3] Luka Rijeka d.d. concession in the Port of Rijeka is valid until 2012, and a request to renew the concession for another 30 years has been filed.[4]


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