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The Lukacs Distinguished Professor chair was established in 1989[1] by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Bowling Green State University in honor of Eugene Lukacs,[2] who came to Bowling Green with his colleagues Radha Laha and Vijay Rohatgi in 1972 to establish the doctoral program in statistics. Eugene Lukacs was Bowling Green's first Distinguished University Professor.[3]

Each year an outstanding senior researcher in probability or statistics is invited to serve as the Eugene Lukacs Distinguished Visiting Professor[4] during the academic year or a semester. The Lukacs Professors are invited based on their distinguished record of research in the application or theory of probability or statistics. The Lukacs professor typically collaborates with current faculty on research, participates in seminars and colloquia, and typically gives a graduate course or presents a series of related seminars. Lukacs Professors have organized Lukacs Symposia[5] on a variety of topics in probability and statistics.

Lukacs Distinguished Visiting Professors[edit]

Year Professor Institution
1990–1991 Gábor J. Székely Budapest Institute of Technology, Hungary
1991–1992 Tim Robertson University of Iowa
1992–1993 Samuel Kotz University of Maryland
1992–1993 A. K. Md. Ehsanes Saleh Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1993–1994 Malay Ghosh University of Florida
1993–1994 Anatoliy Skorokhod Michigan State University
1994–1995 Abram Kagan University of Maryland
1995–1996 Vyacheslav Girko Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences
1996–1997 Pranab K. Sen University of North Carolina
1997–1998 C. R. Rao Pennsylvania State University
1998–1999 G. P. Patil Pennsylvania State University
1999 Fall semester Kanti V. Mardia University of Leeds
1999 Fall semester Raju Govindarajulu University of Kentucky
2000 Spring semester Nail Bakirov Russian Academy of Sciences
2000 March 13–17 James Berger Duke University
2000 Fall semester Nozer Singpurwalla George Washington University
2001 March 19–30 Norbert Henze University of Karlsruhe, Germany
2001 April 1–5 Bradley Efron Stanford University
2001 Fall semester Yasunori Fujikoshi Hiroshima University, Japan
2002 Spring semester Hung T. Nguyen New Mexico State University
2002 April 8–12 Peter J. Bickel University of California, Berkeley
2003 March 28 – April 2 C. C. Heyde Columbia University and Australian National University
2003 Spring semester Damodar Shanbhag University of Sheffield, U.K.
2003 Fall semester Eugene Seneta University of Sydney, Australia
2004 Spring semester Leandro Pardo Complutense University of Madrid, Spain
2005 Spring semester N. Balakrishnan McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
2006 May 30 – June 3 Ioannis Karatzas Columbia University
2006 June 12 – June 15 Donald St. P. Richards Pennsylvania State University
2007 Spring semester M. S. Srivastava University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Lukacs Symposia
Year Lukacs Professor Symposium Title
1990–1991 Gabor J. Szekely First Lukacs Symposium, March 1991 Probability and Statistics
1991–1992 Tim Robertson and Sam Kotz Second Lukacs Symposium, March 1992 Order Restricted Statistical Inference
1992–1993 A. K. Md. Ehsanes Saleh Third Lukacs Symposium – March 1993 Revival of Distributions and Regression Quantiles
1993–1994 Malay Ghosh and Anatoliy Skorokhod Fourth Lukacs Symposium – March 1994 Infinite Dimensional Randomly Perturbed Dynamical Systems
1994–1995 Abram Kagan Fifth Lukacs Symposium – March 1995 Statistical Inference in Semiparametric Models
1995–1996 Vyacheslav Girko Sixth Lukacs Symposium – March 1996 Multidimensional Statistical Analysis and Theory of Random Matrices[6]
1996–1997 Pranab K. Sen Seventh Lukacs Symposium – April 1997 (1999) Robustness in Multivariate and Survival Models[7]
1997–1998 C. R. Rao Eighth Lukacs Symposium — April 1998 Statistics for the 21st Century[8]
1998–1999 G. P. Patil Ninth Lukacs Symposium — April 1999 Frontiers of Environmental and Ecological Statistics for the 21st Century[9]
2005 N. Balakrishnan April 15–16, 2005
May 14, 2005
"Statistical Distributions and Applications"
"Ordered Data and Applications"

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