Lukang Folk Arts Museum

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Coordinates: 24°03′14″N 120°26′10″E / 24.05389°N 120.43611°E / 24.05389; 120.43611

Lukang Folk Arts Museum
Lugang Koo's House.JPG
General information
LocationLukang, Changhua County, Taiwan
OwnerKoo family

The Lukang Folk Arts Museum (Chinese: 鹿港民俗文物館; pinyin: Lùgǎng Mínsú Wénwùguǎn) is a museum in Lukang Township, Changhua County, Taiwan.


The Lukang Folk Arts Museum was established in 1973, with all the buildings, land, furniture, utensils and collector's items having been donated by the Koo family and other private benefactors.[citation needed] The museum holds more than 6,000 articles. The items exhibited in the museum mostly date from the mid-Ching dynasty to the early years of the Republic. Household, travel, and recreational items, as well as religious implements and celebratory artifacts are displayed for visitors.


The museum has a strong local flavor. The architecture of the museum and the pieces housed within not only demonstrate craftsmanship, but also a thriving history of Lukang.

The museum has the following buildings:[citation needed]

  • Yang Building: The Yang Building was built in 1919. The design and materials used in the Meiji styled structure are excellent examples of that time in Taiwan.
  • Ku Feng Building: This 18th century wood and brick structure is of a Min-nan (Southern Fukien) style. The building has a traditional feel to it.


The museum houses a collection of Ming and Ching dynasty artifacts: vintage photographs, lacquer ware, porcelain, carved stones, embroidery, musical instruments, and other items. The building is an unusual combination of Asian architecture and Western architecture.[1]

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