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Lukas Resetarits (born October 14, 1947 in Stinatz) is an Austrian cabaret artist and actor, best known for playing police inspector Kottan in the Austrian TV series Kottan ermittelt.

Resetarits was born in the Austrian state Burgenland, but his family moved to Vienna when he was at the age of four. Resetarits attended Austrian gymnasium which he finished in 1965. He studied psychology and philosophy at the University of Vienna, at the same time jobbing as rock singer, construction worker and traffic officer at the Vienna International Airport.

In 1975 he joined the cabaret group "KEIF", which consisted of Wolfgang Teuschl, Erwin Steinhauer, Alfred Rubatschek and Erich Demmer. In 1977 together with Teuschl and Steinhauer he performed the TV cabaret "Tu felix Austria".

On October 26, 1977 he premiered his first solo program "Rechts Mitte Links" in the Konzerthauskeller. In Mai 1978 he presented his second solo program "A Krise muaß her", and performed a second TV cabaret with Teuschl and Steinhauer, "Man wird ja noch fragen dürfen". He released his first LP vinyl record "Ein Abend mit Lukas Resetarits" ("An Evening with Lukas Resetarits") in 1979.

From 1980 to 1983 he was main actor in the Austrian TV series Kottan ermittelt, written by Helmut Zenker and directed by Peter Patzak.

Resetarits has been married since 1968 and has two daughters. Willi Resetarits (musician known as Dr. Kurt Ostbahn), Peter Resetarits (TV host at ORF) and Lukas Resetarits are brothers. Karin Resetarits, a present member of the European Parliament, is his divorced sister in law.

Cabaret programs[edit]

  • 1977 Rechts Mitte Links
  • 1978 A Krise muaß her
  • 1979 Haben schon gewählt
  • 1979 Alles leiwand
  • 1981 Nur kane Wellen
  • 1982 Ka Zukunft
  • 1983 Vorläufig ohne Titel
  • 1984 Was nun
  • 1985 I oder I
  • 1986 Das 10. Programm
  • 1987 Rekapituliere
  • 1988 Nichts geht mehr
  • 1989 Zu blöd
  • 1990 Ich bin so frei
  • 1991 Heimspiel - live
  • 1992 Zu bunt
  • 1995 Alles zurück
  • 1997 Kein Grund zum Feiern
  • 1999 Ich tanze nicht
  • 2001 Niemandsland
  • 2002 Zeit
  • 2003 Nachspielzeit
  • 2006 XXII
  • 2009 "Osterreich - ein Warietee"


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