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Bear in Mind, 2006.

Luke Chueh (born March 7, 1973) is an artist, and is generally considered to be a member of the lowbrow, or pop surrealism, art movement, though he has disdain for the term.[1] He is a painter and graphic designer active in the artist community in Los Angeles. Originally from Philadelphia, he grew up in the Central California agricultural community of Fresno, California.[2][3] He was formally trained in Graphic Design at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.[2][4] During that period, he also worked for guitar manufacturing company Ernie Ball, as an illustrator and designer.[2] His works during that time garnered him several awards, from such notable publications as Communication Arts and Print Magazine.[2] During this time, he was also a publisher of a 'zine focused on intelligent dance music.[2]

His images have been remarked upon for their juxtaposition of cuteness with the macabre.[2] His paintings and illustrations are noted for bringing together influences as diverse as Mark Rothko and Sanrio.[5][6] His work stems from the intolerance he suffered as a child growing up as a Chinese-American.[4]

In an interview with Art Prostitute Magazine he stated that he is influenced by his contemporaries utilizing strong illustrative elements.[7] He mentioned Chiho Aoshima, Marcel Dzama, Jeremy Fish, Camille Rose Garcia, Barry McGee, Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, Mark Ryden, and Ralph Steadman.[7]

In his recent work, he has designed the album artwork for Fall Out Boy's album Folie à Deux (2008).[8] In 2004, he designed a limited edition wallet for Poketo.


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