Luke French (Holby Blue)

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Luke French
HolbyBlue character
First appearance "Episode 1"
8 May 2007
Last appearance "Episode 12"
5 June 2008
Created by Tony Jordan
Portrayed by Richard Harrington
Occupation Police Officer
Title Detective Sergeant
Family Kathy French (mother)
Wendy (mother-in-law)
Spouse(s) Mandy French (deceased)
Children Ruby French

Luke French is a fictional character from the British police drama Holby Blue, played by Richard Harrington. The character made his first appearance in the pilot episode, broadcast on 8 May 2007. Luke is a police officer of the Criminal Investigation Department within Wyvern Constabulary's, Holby South Police Station.


Luke is one of the youngest Sergeants within the Constabulary. Having risen to this rank after gaining a University degree in Criminology, he is aiming for the highest rank, a Chief Constable in charge of the entire force. Much of his eagerness comes from him genuinely feeling he can make a difference in the world. As much as he is career-minded, he is also down-to-earth. Recently, the new Detective Chief Inspector Scott Vaughan, who replaced corrupt Harry Hutchinson as head of the department, made it clear to Luke that he will make Detective Inspector. Luke and John Keenan often disagree over policing methods as John would rather bend rules to put a criminal behind bars, whereas Luke would rather follow every letter of the book.

Luke feels guilty about his terminally ill mother dying while he was spending time with his wife Mandy. Recently after trying for a baby, Mandy became pregnant and has given birth to a baby girl named Ruby.

Tragically, Mandy was knocked down by a car whilst out with Ruby, and received serious injuries from which she later died in hospital. Luke was understandably distraught and had to send Ruby to stay with his mother-in-law, Wendy, for a time, as he was unable to cope with both the pressures of work and looking after his daughter. Eventually, he managed to come to terms with his loss and decided it was time to bring Ruby home so that he could finally be a father to her.


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