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Luke Morley (born 19 June 1960 in Camberwell, London, England) is the guitarist, chief songwriter and producer for the hard rock band Thunder[1] from 1989 to Present (with a break from 1999–2002, and 2009–2011). Previous to that he was a member of 1980s group, Terraplane who subsequently became Thunder.[2]

In 2009, when Thunder announced that they were splitting up, Luke became the lead guitarist and co-songwriter for the rock band The Union, which he formed with guitarist and co-songwriter, Peter Shoulder.



Morley regularly plays the following guitars.

Other guitars in his collection.


  • Marshall Vintage Modern



Studio albums[edit]

With Terraplane
Black and White (1985)
Moving Target (1987)

With Thunder
Backstreet Symphony (1990)
Laughing on Judgement Day (1992)
Behind Closed Doors (1995)
The Thrill of It All (1997)
Giving the Game Away (1999)
Shooting at the Sun (2002)
The Magnificent Seventh (2005)
Robert Johnson's Tombstone (2006)
Bang! (2008)
Wonder Days (2015)

E.P recorded with Andy Taylor of Duran Duran The Spanish Sessions


  • El Gringo Retro (2001)

Bowes & Morley[edit]

The Union[edit]

  • The Union (2010)
  • Siren's Song (2011)
  • The World Is Yours (2013)


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