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Luke Morley (born 19 June 1960 in Camberwell, London, England) is the guitarist, chief songwriter and producer for the hard rock band Thunder[1] from 1989 to Present (with a break from 1999–2002, and 2009–2011). Previous to that he was a member of 1980s group, Terraplane who subsequently became Thunder.[2]

In 2009, when Thunder announced that they were splitting up, Luke became the lead guitarist and co-songwriter for the rock band The Union, which he formed with guitarist and co-songwriter, Peter Shoulder.



Morley regularly plays the following guitars.

Other guitars in his collection.


  • Marshall Vintage Modern



Studio albums[edit]

With Terraplane

  • Black and White (1985)
  • Moving Target (1987)

With Thunder

E.P recorded with Andy Taylor of Duran Duran The Spanish Sessions


  • El Gringo Retro (2001)

Bowes & Morley[edit]

The Union[edit]

  • The Union (2010)
  • Siren's Song (2011)
  • The World Is Yours (2013)


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