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Luke Thomas Pebody (born 1977) is a mathematician who solved the necklace problem. Educated at Rugby School, and competing three times in the International Mathematical Olympiad,[1] Luke Pebody was admitted to Cambridge University at the age of 14 to read mathematics. He went up when he was 16, making him one of the youngest undergraduates in modern times.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Trinity College, Cambridge, he proceeded to a doctoral degree at the University of Memphis, where, working with respected graph theorist Béla Bollobás, he presented a possible solution of the reconstruction problem for abelian groups, including the necklace problem.

In 2001, he successfully applied for a junior research fellowship at Cambridge. Before returning to take up residence, he completed a year's research at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey

Pebody's contributions to his field included:

Pebody left the field of mathematics for financial services. In 2009, he participated in the Google Code Jam under the alias linguo[citation needed] and was the only person to use the programming language Brainfuck in order to complete a set.[2] He attended the World Final and finished the competition ranked 74th.


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