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Luke Scheybeler is a British creative director and entrepreneur best known for his work in sportswear. He is the co-founder and former creative director of the cycling clothing brand Rapha. He is the co-founder of the running apparel brand Tracksmith. Scheybeler runs the branding consultancy Scheybeler+company and the brand incubator Future Classic.[1]


Scheybeler co-founded Rapha in March 2004 with Simon Mottram. Scheybeler established Rapha's brand identity, style and product range, leading all creative output for the first 6 years. He led the design and development of the Rapha website. He designed Rapha's distinctive left arm stripe. He worked with photographer Ben Ingham to define Rapha's photographic style.


Scheybeler co-founded Tracksmith in Boston, Massachusetts in 2014 with former Puma marketing executive Matt Taylor.

Other work[edit]

Scheybeler worked with the Slipstream sports team Garmin Sharp on their branding and team kit design.


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