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Loosely translated in English, as “Jump over the Cow.”, is a traditional Filipino game that originated from Bulacan, it involves a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 10 players. It involves the players jumping over the person called the "Baka", and the main goal of the players is to successfully jump over the "Baka" without touching or falling over him/her.

Rules of the game[edit]

1. At the start of the game there should be one player that should be called "Taya" (It') or in this game the "Bakang lala" (Cow). 2. The players should avoid contact or falling over the "Baka" player while jumping over. 3. The "Baka" player should start with a bend-down kneeling position (A "Baka" player bends over with his hands placed on his knees). 4. All players are to jump over the "Baka" until all the players have jumped. Once the 1st set of jumping over the "Baka" is done, the "Baka" player's position will slowly rise-up after jumping over the "Baka" player. 5. Only the hands of the jumper may touch the back of the person who is bent over. If a player fails to avoid contact or fall over the "Baka", he/she will replace the "Baka" player with a bend-down kneeling position (3), and the game continues until the all players decides to end the game.

Healthy game tips[edit]

1. Find a safe area to play the game (such as a grassy area) so whenever a player falls, the landing won't cause as many injuries.

2. You must be "fit" to play this game so you can jump as high as you can.

3. Be energetic, because this game requires it, specially after a long succession of successive jumps over the "Baka" player.

4. Be cooperative with other players.

5. Be confident to your self, as high as you can, but not too high that may cause injuries.

6. Ask the "baka" or "taya" to put his/her head down so that your foot won't hit their head.

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