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Luis Augusto Martins Côrtes,[1] better known as Lula Côrtes (9 May 1949 – 26 March 2011), was a Brazilian musician, best remembered for his contributions to the Zé Ramalho 1975 album Paêbirú.[2]

He released several albums, including Satwa (1973) and Rosa de Sangue (1980). He worked with Ramalho on other albums including his 1978 debut, Zé Ramalho, De Gosto de Água e de Amigos in 1985 and Cidades e Lendas in 1996.


Lula Côrtes died on 26 March 2011, in Recife, Brazil from throat cancer at the age of 61.[3]


  • 1975: Paêbirú
  • 1973: Satwa
  • 1980: Rosa de Sangue