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Origin Helsinki, Finland
Genres Gothic metal[1]
Years active 1998–2014
Members Tanja Lainio
Sami Leppikangas
Sauli Kivilahti
Kimmo "Heavy" Hiltunen
Jukka Outinen

Lullacry was a melodic band with gothic metal influences that hailed from Helsinki, Finland. The band recorded their first demo (named Weeper's Aeon) in 1998 and in a short time they had enough of a following to safely attempt a full-length album – Sweet Desire – recorded in 1999. This got the attention of Spinefarm Records and led to a professional contract. Their career truly began progressing after the release of the album Be My God – from 2001 – which was issued as they went on a joint tour with the power metal band Edguy.

However, vocalist Tanya Kemppainen quit the band in 2002, leaving Lullacry without its main element. Many female singers applied for the post, but the then unknown contralto vocalist Tanja Lainio was ultimately chosen as the replacement vocalist. Their following release was entitled Crucify My Heart. The single Don't Touch the Flame taken from this album included a cover of the Nine Inch Nails track Head Like a Hole.

Prior to the recording of their fourth album, the EP Fire Within was released including alternative versions of two of the band's classic tracks, a W.A.S.P. cover "L.O.V.E. Machine", and two new tracks.

In June 2005 the band announced the completion of their fourth album entitled Vol. 4, which was released in September the same year. The single Stranger in You, which included a Kiss cover of I Stole Your Love, was released in July.

After a long hiatus, Lullacry released their fifth studio album Where Angels Fear in 2012. It was released through band's own label, OUTO recordings, distributed by Playground Scandinavia, and was licensed to Europe, Japan, North America, Russia, Belarus & Ukraine.

In February 2013 Lullacry released a new video and digi-single for the song To Every Heartache. They did some shows during 2013, basically in Finland, to celebrate their 15-year career, but officially ceased their activities in 2014.


  • Tanja Lainio – vocals (joined in 2002)
  • Sami Leppikangas – Lead guitar
  • Sauli Kivilahti – Guitar
  • Kimmo "Heavy" Hiltunen – Bass (joined in 1998)
  • Jukka Outinen – drums (joined in 1999)



  • Sweet Desire (1999)
  • Be My God (2001)
  • Crucify My Heart (2003)
  • Vol. 4 (2005)
  • Where Angels Fear (2012)

Singles and EPs[edit]

  • "Don't Touch the Flame" (2003)
  • "Alright Tonight" (2003)
  • "Fire Within" (EP, 2004)
  • "Stranger in You" (2005)


  • "Legacy 1998-2014" (2014)

Digi singles[edit]

  • "Bad Blood" (2012)
  • "Feel My Revenge feat. Mikko Herranen" (2012)
  • "Thousand Suns" (2012)
  • "To Every Heartache" (Maxi-digi 2013)

Official Videos[edit]

  • "Damn You" (Directed Timo Halo 2001)
  • "Don't Touch the Flame" (Directed Jameye 2003)
  • "King Of Pain" (Directed Jameye 2005)
  • "Bad Blood" (Directed Jouko Kallio 2012)
  • "Feel My Revenge feat. Mikko Herranen" (Directed Jouko Kallio 2012)
  • "To Every Heartache" (Directed Sauli Kivilahti 2013)


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