Lulonga River

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Coordinates: 0°38′40″N 18°22′58″E / 0.644489°N 18.3827877°E / 0.644489; 18.3827877

Lulonga River
Port of Basankusu and River Lulonga.jpg
The Lulonga River at the port of Basankusu
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Basin features
River mouth Congo River
Physical characteristics
Length 200 km (120 mi)

The Lulonga is a river in the Equateur province of Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is about 200 km long from its beginning at the town of Basankusu. There the Lopori and the Maringa join to form the Lulonga. The Lulonga river flows into the Congo River at the town Lulonga.[1]


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