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Lulu may refer to:


  • LuLu, an early automobile manufacturer
  •, an online e-books and print self-publishing platform, distributor, and retailer
  • Lulu Hypermarket, a retail chain in Asia
  • Lululemon Athletica or simply Lulu, a Canadian athletic apparel company


  • Lulu, Florida, United States, an unincorporated community
  • Lulu City, Colorado, United States, a mining town abandoned in 1885, on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Lulu, Missouri, an unincorporated community
  • Lulu Bay, a bay on Navassa Island in the Caribbean
  • Lulu Town, a town on Navassa Island in the Caribbean
  • Lulu Island, an island which comprises most of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
  • Al Lulu Island, also known as Lulu Island, a man-made island off the coast of Abu Dhabi island
  • Lulu Roundabout, in Manama, Bahrain

Theatre, film, opera[edit]

And unrelated to the Wedekind story:


Fictional characters[edit]

  • Lulu, a character in the Final Fantasy video game series
  • Lulu Spencer, a character in the soap opera General Hospital
  • Lulu Moppet, a character in the comic strip Little Lulu
  • Lulu, a character in WarioWare Gold
  • Lulu, a character played by Louise Brooks in the 1929 film Pandora's Box
  • Lulu Teruno, alias of Tellu, one of the Death Busters from the Sailor Moon metaseries
  • Lulu, a character in the television drama Gilmore Girls
  • Lulu, a teddy bear in the Australian children's television series Bananas in Pyjamas
  • Lulu, a Muppet monster in the children's television series Sesame Street
  • Lulu, a character played by Ashley Argota in the Nickelodeon television series True Jackson, VP


Lulu is a given name or surname.

  • Lu'lu', the Arabic given name
  • Lulu (singer) (born 1948, as Marie MacDonald McLaughlin Lawrie), Scottish singer and actress
  • Anolyn Lulu (born 1979), Vanuatuan table tennis player
  • Elizabeth Michael, Tanzanian actress also known as Lulu
  • Li Xiaolu or Lu Lu (born 1982), Chinese actress
  • Lu Lu (badminton) (born 1990), Chinese badminton player
  • Lulu Antariksa (born 1995), American actress
  • Lulu Benstead (1891–1983), Australian opera singer
  • Lulu Guinness (born 1960), British fashion accessory designer
  • Lulu Haangala (born 1984), a Zambian television personality
  • Lulu Huang Lu Zi Yin (born 1991), Taiwanese television personality, singer and actress
  • Lulu James (born 1991/92), British electronic and soul singer
  • Lulu Kennedy (born 1969), British fashion entrepreneur
  • Lulu Pullar (born 1998), Australian rules footballer and former soccer player
  • Lulu Roman (born 1946), American comedian, singer, and author
  • Lulu Santos, stage name of Luiz Maurício Pragana dos Santos (born 1953), Brazilian singer and guitarist
  • Lulu Wang (novelist) (born 1960), Chinese-born writer living in the Netherlands
  • Omar Lulu, Indian film director
  • Paddy Roe, Australian writer known as Lulu
  • Zhou Lulu (born 1988), Chinese female weightlifter and 2012 Olympic champion
  • Lulu and Nana (born 2018), pseudonyms for twin Chinese girls, who are allegedly the first humans produced from embryos that were genome edited
  • Lubjana Piovesana (born 1997), British and Austrian judoka often nicknamed Lulu

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