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Lulu may refer to:



Theater, film, opera[edit]


Fictional characters[edit]

Other people[edit]

  • Lu'lu' al-Kabir (died 1008/9), minister and emir of Aleppo
  • Badr al-Din Lu'lu', ruler of Mosul 1211–1259
  • Lulu Guinness (born 1960), British fashion accessory designer
  • Lulu Haangala (born 1984), a Zambian TV personality
  • Lulu Kennedy (born 1969), British fashion entrepreneur
  • Lulu Wang (born 1960), Chinese-born writer living in the Netherlands
  • Zhou Lulu (born 1988), Chinese female weightlifter and 2012 Olympic champion
  • Lu Lu or Li Xiaolu (born 1982), Chinese actress
  • Anolyn Lulu (born 1979), Vanuatuan table tennis player

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