Lulu (1981 album)

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Lulu 1981 album cover.jpg
Studio album by Lulu
Released 1981
Recorded 1978, 1981
Genre Pop, Pop Rock
Label Alfa Records
Producer Mark London
Lulu chronology
Don't Take Love For Granted
Take Me to Your Heart Again

Lulu is an eponymous album released by Lulu on Alfa Records in 1981. It is notable for containing the hit single "I Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do)," which became the second-highest-charting single of Lulu's career in the U.S., hitting the Top 20 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart and #2 on the Adult Contemporary chart in 1981.


Alfa Records released the album Lulu in August 1981, in response to the chart success of "I Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do)", originally contained on Lulu's 1978 album, Don't Take Love For Granted. In addition to "I Could Never Miss You", Lulu featured two other songs from the 1978 album, being the title track, "Don't Take Love For Granted" and "You Are Still A Part Of Me", all of which had been written by Neil Harrison. A new Harrison track, "Can't Hold Out On Love", was included, being one of seven new tracks produced by Mark London.

Lulu reached #126 on the Billboard album chart, making it Lulu's third US charting album - her first in eleven years - and her last to-date.[1]

"If I Were You", which had been a minor hit (#70) for Toby Beau in 1980, [2][3] was released as the follow-up single to "I Could Never Miss You" - "You Win, I Lose" was the B-side - and became Lulu's final Hot 100 item to-date reaching #44[1](#42 Cash Box)[4] in January 1982. It also hit #27 on the Adult Contemporary chart. In August 1982, "If I Were You" reached #6 in New Zealand.

The track "Who's Foolin' Who" earned Lulu a nomination for Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. Lulu lost to Pat Benatar.[5]

"Who's Foolin' Who" was released as a single, with "You Win, I Lose" again serving as the B-side, and peaked at #106 on Billboard.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "I Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do)" (Neil Harrison) 3:08
  2. "The Last Time" (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards) 3:17
  3. "If I Were You" (Jerry Fuller, John Hobbs) 3:13
  4. "Loving You" (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller) 4:30
  5. "Can't Hold Out on Love" (Neil Harrison) 3:18
  6. "You Win, I Lose" (Arlene Matza, Guy Thomas) 3:40
  7. "Don't Take Love for Granted" (Neil Harrison) 3:24
  8. "Who's Foolin' Who" (Dan Walsh, Michael Price, Steve Barri, Michael Omartian) 3:36
  9. "You Are Still a Part of Me" (Neil Harrison) 3:16
  10. "If You're Right" (Peter Sinfield, Andy Hill) 3:12



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