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Lulu Town is a now uninhabited, former settlement on Navassa Island, claimed by both the United States and neighbouring Haiti, in the Caribbean.


Navassa Island was claimed for the United States on September 19, 1857, by Peter Duncan, an American sea captain, under the Guano Islands Act of August 18, 1856. The modest settlement was created to house both mine workers and supervisors whose goal was the rich deposits of guano found on Navassa. This resource, gathered mainly from the interior of the island, was stored in Lulu town for later shipment to the United States.

Mining operations on Navassa Island were halted in approximately 1900, and the settlement is now uninhabited.

The town lies on Lulu Bay. Its ruggedness prevents boats from landing; such small boats as regularly ply the area are mainly fishing boats from nearby Haiti.

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Coordinates: 18°23′46″N 75°01′06″W / 18.396°N 75.0182°W / 18.396; -75.0182