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Lulusar Lake, Naran, KPK, Pakistan.JPG
Lulusar Lake
Location Kaghan Valley, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
Coordinates 35°0′8.04″N 73°9′2.66″E / 35.0022333°N 73.1507389°E / 35.0022333; 73.1507389 (Lulusar Lake)
Lake type Alpine/Glacial lake
Primary inflows Glaciers water
Basin countries Indus
Surface elevation 3,410 m (11,190 ft) [1]
Settlements Kaghan, Naran, Balakot

Lulusar is group of mountain peaks and a lake in the Kaghan Valley in the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The word "sar" means "top" or "peak" in Pashto. The highest peak has a height of 11,200 ft (3,410 m) above sea level (N35.0804 E73.9266). The locale is famous for the scenic and large Lulusar Lake, which is a popular tourism attraction.

Lulusar Lake[edit]

Lulusar Lake, at 3,410 m (11,190 ft), is the primary headwaters of the Kunhar River.[1] It flows southwest through the entire length of Kaghan Valley passing Jalkhand, Naran, Kaghan, Jared, Paras and Balakot until its confluence with the Jhelum River. Lulusar Lake marks the historic place where fifty-five participants of the 1857 Indian war of independence were arrested.

Lulusar Lake, outflow view


The lake is much larger than other lakes in the Kaghan Valley, and has mirror-like water reflecting the surrounding snowcapped Lulusar mountains, creating a natural tourist attraction. In the summer many domestic and international visitors make the lake and Lulusar-Dudipatsar National Park a destination. From Gittidas east of the lake the Naran-Babusar road goes through the Babusar Pass, which is the highest point in the Kaghan Valley (el.4,173 metres (13,691 ft)), to the Karakoram Highway and mountaineering hub of Gilgit.


From Naran Town the Naran-Babusar road ascends 48 kilometres (30 mi) northeast up Kaghan Valley to Basel, from where one reaches Lulusar Lake. Jeeps can be hired in Naran for visiting the lake. But now With KKH passing besides the lake a large no of tourists and travellers visit the lake on their personal transport.

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