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Lum's in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 1966

Lum's was a family restaurant chain based in Florida, with locations in several states.

LUMS was founded in 1956 in Miami Beach, Florida, by Stuart and Clifford S. Perlman[1] when they purchased Lum's hot dog stand for $10,000. Over the next few years, the Perlman brothers opened three additional Lum's restaurants, for a total of four by 1961.[2]

Clifford Perlman, in addition to owning Lum's, had been serving as the president of Southern Wood Industries, Inc., resigned that position to work full-time for Lum's. Under the brothers, Lum's began aggressively expanding and franchising; the signature item was hot dogs steamed in beer. In 1969, Lum's, Inc. was admitted to the New York Stock Exchange.

Lum's, Inc. purchased Caesars Palace for $60 million in 1969. At that time, Caesars was a 500-room hotel-casino on the famous Las Vegas strip. The food operations of Lum's, Inc. were sold in 1971 to John Y. Brown, then chairman of Kentucky Fried Chicken along with a group of investors.[3] At the time of sale, the company owned and franchised 400 stores in the continental U.S., Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Europe.

In 1978, Wienerwald Holdings, A.G., a Swiss holding company and parent of the Wienerwald restaurant chain, under the direction of Friedrich Jahn, purchased the 273 restaurant chain from Brown.[4] However, Wienerwald had overextended itself and was forced to file for bankruptcy in 1982.

The original Lum's location closed in 1983.[5] There are two LUMS operating. One is in Bellevue, Nebraska, south of Omaha[6] In 2010 a Lum's opened in Seekonk, Massachusetts.[7]

Lum's in Seekonk Massachusetts is no longer open leaving the one in Bellevue, NE as the sole location

For a time in the 1970s, the company's commercial spokesman was Milton Berle.


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