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Lumen Eclipse video display
in Harvard Square

Lumen Eclipse is a public media arts gallery located in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts, founded to expand public awareness of local, national, and international artists. The gallery is situated on two mounted displays on the Tourism Information Kiosk, just outside the Harvard Square MBTA stop, screening motion art daily. The gallery may also be viewed on the Lumen Eclipse website.


Lumen Eclipse presents contemporary motion art in public spaces, using outdoor video displays, social venues and the web. The gallery launched November 1, 2005, in Harvard Square. Lumen Eclipse exhibits 8 works a month, representing over 300 artists since launching in 2005. Participating artists have included: Yoko Ono, Michel Gondry, Miranda July, Max Hattler and Isaac Julien.

Lumen Eclipse also hosts intimate monthly screenings to facilitate dialog between artists and audiences. The Screenings are called "Le Peek" and are held at local social venues in Cambridge MA.



  • 57 Things to do for Free in Harvard Square is a compilation/archive of 57 videos that provide humorous yet simple things one can do for fun in Harvard Square. These "things to do" are both simple and silly and could likely be done in any urban environment. The site has a matrix structure, where any point of the site can be accessed from any other point; this form of organization allows the user to jump to any one of the 57 videos from any place on the site at any time.

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