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Lumencraft Inc. is a flashlight manufacturer producing LED flashlights. Lumencraft lights are Swiss designed and US built and target the luxury/high end market of the flashlight industry, with prices as high as $370 for a single flashlight.[1]

Popular Mechanics has referred to Lumencraft as the Rolex of Flashlights.[2]

The nature of Lumencraft products can be seen in the use of materials such as titanium and carbon fiber and aerospace manufacturing processes and technologies.[3] Some of Lumencraft's products, such as the GatLight, have up to 80 individual parts, including custom machined metal parts. Lumencraft uses computer-aided design as well as photon and thermal simulation technologies.

Lumencraft lights are typically pre-ordered with individual serial numbers assigned to each light.

The company was founded by an American aerospace engineer and a Swiss designer in 2006 and is incorporated in the state of California.

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