Lumpia goreng

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Lumpia goreng
Lumpia at Teh Jawa, Purwokerto Station, Purwokerto 2015-03-20.jpg
A plate of lumpia goreng
TypeSpring roll, kue
CourseAppetizer or snack
Place of originIndonesia
Region or stateJava
Created byJavanese in the country
Serving temperaturehot, warm

Lumpia goreng is an Indonesian simple fried spring rolls filled with vegetables; the spring roll wrappers are filled with chopped carrots cut into matchstick size, shredded cabbage, and sometimes mushrooms. Although usually filled only with vegetables, the fried spring rolls might be enrichen with minced beef, chicken, or prawns.[1]

In Indonesia, lumpia goreng usually associated as gorengan snack foods.

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