Lumpia semarang

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Lumpia Semarang
Loenpia Gang Lombok Semarang.jpg
A plate of lumpia semarang
TypeSpring roll, kue
CourseAppetizer or snack, sometimes main course
Place of originIndonesia
Region or stateSemarang
Created byJavanese and Chinese Indonesian in the country
Serving temperaturehot, warm
Main ingredientslumpia wrapper, bamboo shoot, egg, dried shrimp, chicken meat and prawn

Lumpia Semarang or in old spelling known as loenpia semarang (Javanese: lunpiyah, Hanacaraka: ꦭꦸꦤ꧀ꦥꦶꦪꦃ, Pegon: لونبيياه) is an Indonesian appetizer or snack dish rollade-like consisting of rebung, egg, dried shrimp with chicken meat and/or prawn in a crepe-like pastry skin called "lumpia wrapper". Lumpia Semarang is a typical Lumpia the city of Semarang, the origin of this spring roll is from Semarang, Central Java.

Semarang lumpia is served either deep-fried or unfried, as the filling is already cooked.[1]

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