Luna Community College

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Luna Community College
TypePublic community college
Location, ,
United States

35°36′57″N 105°15′10″W / 35.6159°N 105.2529°W / 35.6159; -105.2529Coordinates: 35°36′57″N 105°15′10″W / 35.6159°N 105.2529°W / 35.6159; -105.2529

Luna Community College is a public community college in Las Vegas, New Mexico. The college also has campuses in Mora, Springer and Santa Rosa.[1]


The college was founded in 1969 as the result of a 1967 act of authorization by the New Mexico Legislature. The school was named "Luna Area Vocational Technical School" after Captain Maximiliano Luna, who was a Speaker of the New Mexico House of Representatives and a member of the Rough Riders. The name was changed in 2000 to Luna Community College.[1]

In 2017, LCC faced losing its accreditation after a series of governance problems and allegations of nepotism and financial wrongdoing surfaced by the Higher Learning Commission. LCC managed to maintain their accreditation.[2]


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