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Luna Parc
LocationSandyston Township, New Jersey, U.S.
Coordinates41°15′8.316″N 74°47′16.62″W / 41.25231000°N 74.7879500°W / 41.25231000; -74.7879500
FounderRichard Boscarino
DesignerRichard Boscarino
EtymologyRome park by same name[1][2][3]
Operated byThe Luna Parc Atelier Foundation Inc
OpenDuring semi-annual Open House
Location of Luna Parc

Luna Parc is the semi-private museum, atelier, and private home of 21st century American multimedia artist Richard "Ricky" Boscarino[4][5][6] located in Sandyston Township, New Jersey, United States. Twice a year, the museum and atelier are opened to the public for a three weekday Open House.[7][4][3][8][9]


Luna Parc comprises multiple buildings[3][10] and outdoor art pieces[11][12][13] set in a 8.5-acre[14][15] densely-wooded landscape.[2] These structures are built from metal, clay, glass,[16][2] wood, rock,[6] ceramic, cement,[17][18] and ferro-cement.[19] They are designed in a whimsical[20][15][3][16][21] architectural style, featuring vivid colors,[11][3][22][2] curving surfaces,[11][5] detailed mosaic tiling,[4][11][5] and incorporating unusual objects such as bowling balls[23][9] and license plates.[23][24]

The fantastical outdoor appearance of Luna Parc resembles Gaudí's Park Güell in Barcelona, Spain, and the Hundertwasser House in Vienna, Austria, because Boscarino drew inspiration from both these European sites.[20][19][2][16]

The main building is a 5,000 square foot residential house.[15] The interior of this house is a cabinet of curiosities exhibiting thousands of artifacts[4][2][3] ranging from the exotic (e.g., Tibetan yak leather pouch) to the absurd (human fallopian tubes floating in a glass vessel).[23][11][21][12][13][6][25] Also on display inside are Boscarino's individual works of art such as his oil paintings[26][16] and articulated metallic insect jewelry.[27][28][18][22]


Luna Parc is run under the oversight of The Luna Parc Atelier Foundation Inc.[17] The Foundation is a not-for-profit entity registered under U.S. IRC as a 501(c)(3) organization[17][29] that serves as an art colony and is chartered to teach and provide hands-on training to aspiring artists and apprentice workers.[30] Much of the training takes place on the grounds of Luna Parc.[4][9]

Critical reception[edit]

Mark Sceurman, co-creator and publisher of History Channel's reality television series Weird U.S., described Luna Parc in 2014 as "Of all the places we've seen, I think this is the strangest".[23]


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