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Lunam Docs is an independent documentary film production duo - Lucian (b. 20 November 1976, Novi Sad, Serbia) and Natasa (b. 1 March 1977, Zrenjanin, Serbia) Muntean - dedicated to documentary filmmaking on human rights and social justice, around the world, with special attention paid to children rights and child labour.

Through their films, Lunam Docs is trying to present the stories of the characters in such a way that the audience emotionally bonds with them, which will raise their awareness and hopefully inspire reaction that will turn into their action regarding the problem they have seen. The great support and the feedback of the international public to the film Punam, motivated Lucian and Natasa to establish the PUNAM FUND, an organisation dedicated to fundraising for the labour children of Nepal. The main goal of the PUNAM FUND is fundraising for the working children’s education.

Their documentaries have received 30 International Film Awards, one of them UNICEF Award for Children Rights and have been screened at more than 100 International Film Festivals. Their films are used for educational purposes in schools around Europe and North America.


Lucian Muntean (born in 1976 in Novi Sad, Serbia) graduated from the University of Film and Theatre, Department of Cinematography in Bucharest, Romania, in 2000.

Natasa Muntean (born in 1977 in Zrenjanin, Serbia) graduated from the University of Arts, Department of Photography and Video in Bucharest, Romania, in 2001. She has MA2 degree in Fine Art Photography from the University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia.


  • Punam (2005, Documentary)
  • Journey of a Red Fridge (2007, Documentary)
  • Big Sister Punam (2009, Documentary)
  • Mbambu and the Mountains of the Moon (2010, Documentary)

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