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Lunar Magic is a level editor created by FuSoYa for Super Mario World.[1] The interface runs on Microsoft Windows and allows people to create custom graphics and edit levels and the world map.[2]


According to FuSoYa, he started the development of the level editor for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System game Super Mario World, in February 2000. The first public release was on September 24, 2000. New releases with improvements continued over the years. It was last updated on January 1, 2015 to version 2.32. reports the software was used to hack Super Mario World to make levels they then got to work on modified Nintendo DSes.[3]


Reception for Lunar Magic has been positive. Kotaku praised it, noting it was a "cool level editor for Super Mario World" and stated "Lunar Magic is sure to revive the seemingly, never-flagging love for the ultimate side-scroller." Boing Boing thanked the editor's creator for making it.[4] Simon Carless' 2005 book Gaming Hacks by O'Reilly Media describes it as "one of the most spectacular, fully formed level editor hacks of all time".[2] stated that "This unprecedented editor allows for easy creation of brand new levels for Super Mario World."[5]


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