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Lunar lander

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For other uses, see Lunar lander (disambiguation).

A Lunar lander or Moon lander is a kind of lander (spacecraft) designed to conduct a moon landing.

Examples of lunar landers or programs to design lunar landers include:

  • Lunar Lander (space mission), an ESA mission to send an autonomous lander to the moon
  • Lunar Lander Challenge, a competition to produce VTVL vehicles with sufficient delta-v to fly from the Moon to orbit
  • Apollo Lunar Module, used for the 1969–1972 human spaceflight program of the United States
  • LK Lander, designed for the human spaceflight program of the Soviet Union
  • Altair (spacecraft), a proposed spacecraft previously known as the Lunar Surface Access Module
  • Luna programme, lander spacecraft used by the Soviet Union for robotic exploration of the Moon
  • Mighty Eagle lander (previously called NASA Robotic Lunar Lander) current NASA program for developing a new generation of small, autonomous lunar landers[1]
  • Surveyor Program, lander spacecraft used by the United States for robotic exploration of the Moon
  • Project Morpheus, a NASA research and development program whose test bed may evolve into a 21st Century lunar lander
  • Taiwanese Lunar Lander Program, aiming to send a lander to Moon in 2018 as precursor to a lunar mining program.[2]

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