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This article is about the web browser. For the musical band, see Lunascape (band). For PhotographyandArt, see For the area of the lunar landscape, see moonscape.
Developer(s) Lunascape Corporation
Initial release October 2001; 15 years ago (2001-10)
Stable release 6.15.0 (November 28, 2016; 3 months ago (2016-11-28)[1]) [±]
Preview release none (n/a) [±]
Development status Active
Operating system Windows
OS X (coming soon)
Engine Gecko, Trident, WebKit
Available in 28 languages[2]
Type web browser
License Freeware

Lunascape is a web browser developed by Lunascape Corporation in Tokyo, Japan. It is unusual in that it contains three rendering engines: Gecko (used in Mozilla Firefox), WebKit (used in Apple's Safari), and Trident (used in Microsoft Internet Explorer).[3][4] This feature is common only to the Avant web browser. The user can switch between layout engines seamlessly.

Lunascape is available for Windows and Android platforms, as well as for iPad and iPhone.


Lunascape was released in October 2001 while the founders were in college. As the browser became popular, Hidekazu Kondo established Lunascape Corporation in August 2004, while pursuing a PhD and became the CEO. Lunascape was selected as "Exploratory Software Project" commissioned by Japanese government.[5]

The company branched out to the United States and as of June 2008 was based in Sunnyvale, California.[6][7][8]

Lunascape internationally introduced its browser in December 2008.


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