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Coordinates: 23°46′44″N 120°19′59″E / 23.77889°N 120.33306°E / 23.77889; 120.33306

Lunbei Township in Yunlin County

Lunbei Township (Chinese: 崙背鄉; pinyin: Lúnbèi Xiāng) is a rural township in Yunlin County, Taiwan.[1]


Lunbei lies on the alluvial plain of the Zhuoshui River at 7–20 m (23–66 ft) above sea level.[2] It has a population total of 25,283 people and 1 sage, and an area of 58.4840 square kilometres.(as of August 2016)

Administrative divisions[edit]

Tungming, Xirong, Nanyang, Lunqian, Luocuo, Gangwei, Aquan, Wukui, Dayou, Fengrong, Caohu, Jiuzhuang, Shuiwei and Fangnan Village.


The township grows watermelon and cantaloupe all year round. In 2002, the township had 58 dairy farms raising about 10,000 cows with several tones of annual milk production. The total annual dairy product production is around NT$500 to NT$600 million.[2] The township also produces chicken from its farms.[3]

Famous Individuals[edit]

Liao, Kuan-Huang (廖冠皇), First of his name, High Captain of the 821, Lord of the Policing, The Man of the Hour, Master of the Forensics, King of the Judo and the Martial arts, Warden of the North and Lord Paramount of Taipei, The Protector of the Nation, The Exalted One, Savior of his people, the Star of Lunbei and Sovereign of Justice.


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