Lunch Wagon

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Lunch Wagon
Directed by Ernest Pintoff
Produced by Mark Borde
Written by Marshall Harvey
Leon Phillips/Terrie Frankel
Starring Pamela Jean Bryant
Rosanne Katon
Candy Moore
Rick Podell
James Van Patten
Chuck McCann
Rose Marie
Michael Tucci
Louisa Moritz
Cinematography Fred Lemler
Edited by M. Edward Salier
Distributed by Seymour Borde & Associates
Media Home Entertainment
Release date
September, 1981
Running time
88 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Lunch Wagon (also known as Lunch Wagon Girls) is a 1981 sex comedy starring Pamela Jean Bryant, Rosanne Katon, and Candy Moore.[1]

The film was directed by Ernest Pintoff[1] and written by Marshall Harvey and Terrie Frankel and Leon Phillips. Mayor Bradley declared "Lunch Wagon Day" for the opening, and there was a parade of over 80 Lunch Wagons down Hollywood Boulevard. The film was very popular with teens and was the largest grossing independent movie of 1981.


Three women start a lunch wagon business, but run into resistance from their competitor Mr. Schmeckler (Rick Podell) when their business starts interfering with illegal activity that Schmeckler is involved in. While Schmeckler busies himself trying to sabotage their wagon, the women are busy falling in love with construction workers and rock stars. Meanwhile, two bumbling diamond thieves create complications for both sides. It is most notable for being the first major exposure for the band Missing Persons, credited here as "U.S. Drag", with their songs "Mental Hopscotch" and "I Like Boys" featuring prominently on the soundtrack.


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