Lunch no Joō

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Lunch no Joō
Lunch queen.jpg
Series DVD cover
GenreRomantic Comedy, Food
StarringYūko Takeuchi
Yōsuke Eguchi
Satoshi Tsumabuki
Shinichi Tsutsumi
Theme music composerHoyt Axton
Opening themeJoy to the World
Country of origin Japan
Original language(s)Japanese
No. of episodes12 (list of episodes)
Producer(s)Masatoshi Yamaguchi
Yoshimasa Genouzono
Original networkFuji TV
Original releaseJuly 1 – September 16, 2002

Lunch no Joō (ランチの女王, Ranchi no Joō, lit. "Queen of Lunch") is a Japanese drama series aired in Japan on Fuji TV in 2002. It stars Yūko Takeuchi, Yōsuke Eguchi, Satoshi Tsumabuki, and Shinichi Tsutsumi.


Season 1 (2002)

Natsumi loves lunchtime and food. Nothing excites her more than to walk down the street thinking about where she'll eat lunch. One day, a man Kennichiro interrupts Natsumi as she's about to eat her favorite rice omelet and drags her outside and begs her to come home with him so that he can introduce her to his family. He explains to her that his father is sick and after leaving on bad terms, the only way he'll be allowed back home is to return with a fiancée. Natsumi is left with quite a predicament.


Season 1 (2002)


Role Actor
Natsumi Mugita Yūko Takeuchi
Yujiro Nabeshima Yōsuke Eguchi
Junzaburo Nabeshima Satoshi Tsumabuki
Minoru Ushijima Takayuki Yamada
Koshiro Nabeshima Tomohisa Yamashita
Tomato Shiomi Misaki Itoh
Kenzo Nabeshima Go Wakabayashi
Kenichiro Nabeshima Shinichi Tsutsumi
Shuuji (Natsumi-san's ex-lover) Go Morita
Noboru Sakai Eita
Mamoru Kawabata Issei Takubo
Hidemi Yamashiro Masako Umemiya
Yumi Emi Suzuki


Role Actor Episode(s) acted in
Ren Ohsugi 1 & 12
Morooka 3 & 4
Kohki Okada 3 & 10
Kosuke Toyohara 5 - 7
Negi-ba Teruko Hanabara 5 & 8
Ken Ishiguro 7
Yusuke Kamiji 7
Maggie Kenta Kiritani 8
Nagisa Kirishima Eriko Sato 11
Shinshou Nakamaru 12


Season One (2002)[edit]

Ep# Title Original air date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 An omelette with rice which you love (恋するオムライス) 01-07-2002 21.9%
02 Now Serving: The New Summer Love Menu! (登場!夏の恋の新メニュー) 08-07-2002 18.5%
03 Cream Corokke... of Tears (涙…のクリーム・コロッケ) 15-07-2002 19.7%
04 Check Out this Chicken & Rice Properly, Ok! (チキンライスをキチンとね) 22-07-2002 18.8%
05 More, please! Puffy rice (おかわり!ふっくらごはん) 29-07-2002 18.5%
06 Father's Last Children's Lunch (Dad's Last Happy Meal) (親父の最後のお子様ランチ) 05-08-2002 17.0%
07 A hamburger steak! An old lover!! (ハンバーグ!昔の恋人!!) 12-08-2002 17.0%
08 A cutlet! A dangerous… and sad past (カツ!危険で…悲しい過去) 19-08-2002 19.1%
09 Former he who is in danger and a rival of love (危険な元彼と恋のライバル) 26-08-2002 17.7%
10 Seriously? A sudden kiss and accelerated love (マジ!?突然キスと恋の加速) 02-09-2002 20.0%
11 Proposal to elder brother's wife (兄嫁にプロポーズ) 09-09-2002 17.5%
12 The Reason for Lunch on Earth - Big Brother Returns! Who will be the victor in the battle of love? (地球上にランチがある理由 - 長男帰る! 恋のバトルの勝者は?) 16-09-2002 21.2%
Average 18.9%

The ratings are sourced from Video Research Ltd. Rating in red is the highest and in blue is the lowest.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Years Awards Categories Recipients Results Ref.
2002 34th Television Drama Academy Awards Best Drama Won
Best Casting Won
Best Actress Yūko Takeuchi Won
Best Supporting Actor Tsumabuki Satoshi Won
Best Music Yoshimata Ryo Won
2002-2003 6th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix Best Actress Yūko Takeuchi Won


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