Lunch with the Devil

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Lunch with the Devil
Lunch devil cover.jpg
Studio album by Fish Karma
Released 2001
Genre Punk, Rock, Comedy
Length 67:10
Label Deep Shag Records
Producer Al Perry

Released in 2001 on Deep Shag Records, Lunch with the Devil includes the songs "Poodlecide", a tribute to 1980s metal icon Ronnie James Dio ("Dio Rocks!"), and a twisted ballad of unbidden lust ("The Thighs of Tammy Faye"). Of interest to listeners of the Dr. Demento Radio Show is the first official release of a song that's been played for years called "Woke Up Dis Mornin'". The album runs the gamut from cowpunk to freakout folk always with a comedic edge mixed with social or political commentary.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Poodlecide"
  2. "Down to the Valley"
  3. "Thighs of Tammy Faye"
  4. "Should I Shop or Should I Die"
  5. "God Is a Groovy Guy"
  6. "Mogollon Love"
  7. "Grenada"
  8. "Dio Rocks!"
  9. "Die Like a Dog"
  10. "Mr. Johnson"
  11. "Cow of My Dreams"
  12. "An Artist's Lament"
  13. "Chicken Lips"
  14. "Woke Up Dis Mornin'"
  15. "Have a Nice Day"
  16. "White Things"

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