Lund, Wisconsin

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Pierce County
Pepin County

Lund is an unincorporated community located in two counties of the U.S. state of Wisconsin. The community lies on the county line between Pepin County, in the town of Pepin, and Pierce County, in the town of Maiden Rock, in central western Wisconsin, along the junctions of county highways "SS", "CC" (formerly WIS 183), and "J". Lund is approximately nine miles northwest of Pepin and six miles northeast of Stockholm, Wisconsin.[1][2]


The community was named after Lund, Sweden.

The birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder,[3] romanticized in her book Little House in the Big Woods, is about one mile southeast of Lund, and is commemorated at the nearby Little House Wayside.


Coordinates: 44°32′23″N 92°12′22″W / 44.53972°N 92.20611°W / 44.53972; -92.20611