Lund Central Station

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Lund Central Station
Lunds centralstation2007.jpg
Location Lund
Coordinates 55°42′19″N 13°11′14″E / 55.70528°N 13.18722°E / 55.70528; 13.18722Coordinates: 55°42′19″N 13°11′14″E / 55.70528°N 13.18722°E / 55.70528; 13.18722
Elevation 41 metres (135 ft)
Operated by SJ
Line(s) Southern Main Line
West Coast Line
Distance 601.4 km (373.7 mi) (Stockholm C)
Opened 1858

Lund Central Station, (Swedish: Lunds centralstation) or Lund C is the main railway station of Lund, Sweden. It is located on the Southern Main Line and the West Coast Line.

As of 2007 it is connected by railway to Kävlinge (Helsingborg, Gothenburg), Eslöv (Kristianstad, Kalmar, Stockholm) and Malmö (Copenhagen, Helsingør). There were previously direct railway connections to Bjärred, Trelleborg and Harlösa.

The station building was built in the 1850s. An expansion during 1872-1875 was drawn by Adolf Wilhelm Edelsvärd and another expansion 1923-1926 was drawn by Folke Zettervall.