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For other rivers named Lune, see Lune.
Topomap lune.svg
Course of the River Lune and its tributaries
Location Lower Saxony, Germany
Length 43 km
Source south of Hipstedt
53°27′50″N 8°57′10″E / 53.46389°N 8.95278°E / 53.46389; 8.95278Coordinates: 53°27′50″N 8°57′10″E / 53.46389°N 8.95278°E / 53.46389; 8.95278
Source height 16 m above sea level (NN)
Mouth Alte Lune: southeast of Fischereihafen (Bremerhaven),

Neue Lune: south of Dedesdorf into the Weser
53°25′13″N 8°30′13″E / 53.42028°N 8.50361°E / 53.42028; 8.50361

Mouth height 2 m above sea level (NN)
Descent 14 m
Basin Weser
Progression Weser → North Sea
Right tributaries Beverstedter Bach, Dohrener Bach, Loxstedt- Düringer Moorkanal;
Rohr (=Alte Lune)
Left tributaries Volkmarster Lune, Altwistedter Lune, Wellener Bach, Billerbeck, Gackau
Villages Kirchwistedt, Stemmermühlen, Beverstedt, Lunestedt, Düring, Stotel, Nesse, Büttel, Neuenlande;
Lanhausen (=Alte Lune)

The Lune is a river in Germany, some 43 kilometres (27 mi) long and a right tributary of the Lower Weser. It is a small lowland river, which is joined initially by the Volkmarster Lune on the boundary between the borough of Bremervörde and the district of Cuxhaven. Between Kirchwistedt and Stemmermühlen is its confluence with the Altwistedter Lune, and it then flows through Beverstedt, Lunestedt, Nesse near Loxstedt and Lanhausen to Lunesiel south of the Fischereihafen district of Bremerhaven. Until the beginning of the 17th century the river was a major transport artery and navigable as far as Deelbrügge.


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