Lune Millennium Bridge

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Lune Millennium Bridge
Lune Millennium Bridge from northern bank.jpg
Coordinates 54°03′09″N 2°48′09″W / 54.05250°N 2.80244°W / 54.05250; -2.80244Coordinates: 54°03′09″N 2°48′09″W / 54.05250°N 2.80244°W / 54.05250; -2.80244
Carries Pedestrians & cyclists
Crosses River Lune
Locale Lancashire, England
Maintained by City of Lancaster
Preceded by Greyhound Bridge
Followed by Carlisle Bridge
Design Structural steel cable-stayed bridge
Total length 140 metres (460 ft)
Width 4 metres (13 ft)
Height 40 metres (130 ft)
Longest span 64 metres (210 ft)
Opened February 2001
Lune Millennium Bridge is located in Lancaster city centre
Lune Millennium Bridge
Red pog.svg Lune Millennium Bridge shown in Lancaster
grid reference SD474621

The Lune Millennium Bridge is a cable-stayed footbridge which spans the River Lune in Lancaster, England.

It was designed by Whitby Bird and Partners, and built at a cost of £1.8m to commemorate the millennium of 2000. The bridge forms a "Y"-shape in plan to connect one bank both to a viaduct and adjacent quay. Its double pylon seeks to act as a reminder of the masted ships which previously used the quay. It features a main gangway of just over 30 metres and masts around 40 metres tall.

The bridge is part of the National Cycle Network, route 6. The design received the Sustrans National Cycle Network Award for Excellence in 2005, and was commended in the Civic Trust Awards in 2003.

The bridge is referred to by many Lancastrians as the 'swearing bridge' due to its two masts resembling a 'V sign'[citation needed].

Its location is culturally significant as the near-approximate site of the historic Old Loyne Bridge.


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