Lunenburg High School

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Lunenburg High School
Lunenburg High School, Lunenburg MA.jpg
Lunenburg High School
1025 Massachusetts Ave
Lunenburg, Massachusetts

United States
Coordinates 42°35′51.4″N 71°43′11.0″W / 42.597611°N 71.719722°W / 42.597611; -71.719722Coordinates: 42°35′51.4″N 71°43′11.0″W / 42.597611°N 71.719722°W / 42.597611; -71.719722
Type Public High School
Open enrollment[1]
Opened September 18950
School district Lunenburg Public Schools
Superintendent Loxi Jo Calmes
Principal Brian Spadafino
Grades 8-1200
Color(s) Blue     
Athletics conference Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association
District E
Midland Wachuset League
Mascot Blue Knights
Average SAT scores 533 verbal
525 math
505 writing
1563 total (2015-2016)[2]

Lunenburg High School is the high school of the town of Lunenburg, Massachusetts in north-central Worcester County. The school encompasses grades 8-12, and educates students from Lunenburg, and Shirley.

Departments and staff[edit]


  • Brian Spadafino - Principal
  • Robert McGrath - Assistant principal

Arts and Music:

  • Nathan DiPerri
  • Karyn Giuliani
  • Caryn Wardwell


  • Meredith Cormier
  • Mary Foyle
  • CCP - Mary Foyle & Nicole Kromer
  • Michael Hannigan
  • Paul Harmon
  • Erinanne Burroughs
  • Mary Whitaker

Foreign Language:

  • Jessica Beardmore
  • Peggy Proctor
  • Jimena Punales-Santiago
  • Lynn Radford
  • Tamara Yourk


  • Andrew Cantatore
  • Jennifer Miller
  • Amy Raboin
  • Sarah Sabatini
  • Martha Sullivan
  • Eric Short
  • Robert Truax

Physical and Health Education:

  • Steven Boone
  • Steve Kyajohnian
  • Rhonda Malatos
  • Alexis Pukaite


  • Jennifer Biery
  • Richard Cohen
  • Linda Collette
  • Mitchel Friedman
  • Dawn Gearin
  • Robert Hill
  • Craig Pingsterhaus

Social Studies:

  • Anna Keegan
  • Timothy Macuga
  • Hailee Martin
  • Timothy Normandin
  • Warren Stevenson

Special Services:

  • Buswell, Michael
  • Kim Jones
  • Joshua Koziol
  • Nicole Kromer
  • Brianna Lively
  • Sharon McCullah
  • Millett, Jamie
  • Ogilvie, Harold

Technology Education:


  • Steve Malandrinos - Technology director
  • Josh Branham - Technology support
  • Alex Smith - Technology support

Notable alumni[edit]


The school is a member of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association. It is classified as District E and a part of the Midland Wachusett League. The school mascot is the Blue Knight.

After allegations of racism against its football program in 2013, the school cancelled the rest of the season.[4][5] Teammates were initially suspected of spray painting racist slurs on a biracial player's house, but police and the FBI later investigated the player's mother. After an investigation, Worcester County District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr. stated that "evidence presented to us fails to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime has been committed," but that the case remains open. [6]


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