Lungcast Records

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Lungcast Records
Parent company Vermiform
Founded 1990
Founder Neil Burke
Defunct 2002
Genre Alternative rock, punk rock, acid rock, avant-garde
Country of origin United States
Location New York City

Lungcast Records (a.k.a. "Lungcast") was an independent record label, established 1990. The label was known for extremely unusual bands of the alternative, punk rock, acid rock and avant-garde genres.

Run by Neil Burke, Lungcast had a rocky history, being created in 1990 and folded in 1993, then recreated in 1994 and dissolved in 1995. Lungcast was briefly resurrected in 2002, but quickly faded and closed.

Lungcast enthusiastically published expensive colored vinyl of their acts (in 12" and 7" form), but produced CDs, as well. The label released music by Erase Errata, Menace Dement, Loudspeaker, Motherhead Bug, Helivator, Missing Foundation, Mechanical Bride, Rah Bras, Bullet in the Head, Sulfur, Thorn, Circle X, and Men's Recovery Project.

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